Sunday, 13 May 2012

[WD2] Beautiful Websites With Analysis

1, Nice grid and Neat Arrangement.
2, Simple and clear navigation bar.
3, But the background pattern looks like default grey.

1, Good hierarchy.
2, Simple and neat arrangement.
3, Nice logo and navigation designs.

1,Simple and fun though.
2,Have very nice graphics.
3,One page scroll down information design.
4,Very neat arrangement and nice hierarchy.

1,Good color combination and usage.
2,Nice graphics.
3,Neat and clear wire-frame.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


雖然我無法培養白肉 卻還是硬襄

Monday, 9 January 2012

3 Basic Idea

1.How to play truant?
Who am I? Author
Who are them? Students
What for? Don't need to study!

1 task,Prepare truancy props!
2 task,Plan ahead!
3 task,Action!

Outcome:Escape from study hooray!

2.How to having enough sleep?
Who are them? People who lack of sleep
What for? Having enough sleeping

1 task,Regular diet
2 task,Vent pressure
3 task,Self-hypnosis

Outcome:Enjoy the sleep!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beautiful Website with Analysis


>Clear & nice color combination.User friendly,comfortable viewing.
>Clear navigation link,text sizes are enough for read.


>Typography suit with the overall design.
>The part they arranging the navigation link made elegant.
>Hierarchy of information is perfectly clear.


>Glance, good arrangement.
>Elegant design with suitable typography.
>Clear enough to get the theme of website.

Lion Kids

>All the design are suitable with the theme and target audience.
>Simple design to present the big idea.
>User friendly and comfortable to read the information.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

3 Idea

1.How to see ghost.
who am I?  guildance.
who are them? supernatural fans.
what for? see ghost.
1st task? read all the see ghost method.
2nd task? preparations.
3rd task? Try it!
outcome? has a chance to see ghost.
2.How to make yourself cry.

who am I?  Author
who are them? people who have psychological stress
what for? make yourself cry.
1st task?eat lot of wasabi
2nd task? cut onions
3rd task? watch korean sad movie (LOL)
outcome? cry out and realease your stress

3.How to play truant from school.

who am I?  Author
who are them? students
what for? a safety way to play truant from school.
1st task? after teacher mark attendance opportunity tell  him/her you want go to the toilet, and after that...
2nd task? ask people to help you pretending your parent to call your teacher.
3rd task? buy a mc? oh no that is too ashamed if the doctor don't want to help you do that.Actually we got a better way to get a mc...

outcome? hooray you can don't need to school !